The Ezra LeMarpeh Association, founded by Rabbi A. E. Firer, provides assistance to the sick and needy.

Bayit LaChaim - residential hostel for People with intellectual disabilities

The Ezer LeMarpe Association heard the cries of the parents of children with with intellectual disabilities asking for a humane solution for housing their children and decided to provide one. The Association has a great deal of successful experience in dealing with this population and therefore dedicated itself to establishing a dormitory institution that would serve as a "house of life" for those reaching the age of 16 (at this age they become the responsibility of the adult welfare service)

The house was established as an integral part of  the activities of the Association and its desire to offer this excellent professional service to all members of the society and in accordance with the special demands of this group.  The residents of the House of Life are not asked to  pay anything.


  1. One must apply to the local Department of welfare and get a referral from them
  2. It is possible to apply to the "House of Life" for aid and instruction before applying

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Following the victory regarding the tender issued by the Ministry of Welfare to operate this special home, the Ezra LeMarpe Association received the support and logistical aid form the Rashi Fund and in 2014 established the "House of Life".  It opened its doors shortly thereafter and took in the first residents from among the dozens of boys and girls for whom this would be home.

The association thought long and hard about recruiting a professional and supporting staff so that the atmosphere in the home would be welcoming for those entering its portals and for whom this would be their home for life. Naturally it was important that it be comfortable and supportive so the staff was selected based upon criteria of the Department of Welfare who finance the ongoing expenses of this home.

The building was constructed at Hida St. 26 Bnei Brak, close to the Association's headquarters. This proximity enables the efficient use of the Association's infrastructure and personnel, which saves money in operating the home.

The "House of Life" building is six floors high (two floors for boys, two floors for girls and 2 floors for administration and Association clubs).  There are also two multi-purpose basement floors.  The building was designed so as to allow easy access for the handicapped as required by law and even exceeds the standards of the Department of Welfare.

House of Life is a few minutes walk the Jabotinkski hub and it is possible to reach all the methods of transportation this hub offers.  Similarly the building's location in Bnei Brak allows parents of these children may be visited by foot on the Sabbath and Jewish Holidays.

The new center provides an answer to the quality of life for youth suffering from mental retardation or autism and greatly eases the burden of their families who live with them and have struggled for years with the trials associated with raising them.


Registering these youths is possible only by referral by the local Welfare Board.

To receive assistance, instruction and tips prior to approaching the Welfare Board contact the management of the "house of life" at 073-2229999