The Ezra LeMarpeh Association, founded by Rabbi A. E. Firer, provides assistance to the sick and needy.

Health and Fitness Center

Physical activity is considered an integral part of the treatment of sick patients and complements invasive and pharmaceutical treatment.  Similarly there are solid scientific reports positing that physical activity is a serious component in the health of a society.

At the beginning of the year 2012 the Ezer LeMarpe Association established a Fitness Center designed to serve those people who need sports activity. This facility is supervised by certified professionals and its use is absolutely free! 



The centers is designed only for those who are capable of working out by themselves and who are capable of integrating into a group and who don't need personal attention


  1. A certificate from a family doctor or cardiologist attesting to the fitness of the potential exerciser and to the fact that he/she does not require the attention of a physician or electro-cardiologic monitoring
  2. Candidates for the program must present the assurance given them by the doctors or by Ezra LaMarpe's rehabilitation center
  3. According to the risk factor, prior to beginning the work out, the trainee must present the results of a recent stress test and other relevant test results such as a cholesterol profile, sugar levels, echo tests, heart mapping, etc.

Take Note! Participation in the program will not be allowed to a trainee who is already participating in the Rehabilitation center or the hydrotherapy pool run by the Association.  It is not possible to work out more than once a week or to join more than one group.


  • People who are rehabilitating after a heart attack (in the third stage of rehab which begins 3-6 months after the event and after completion of the regimen at  a cardiac rehab center such as תה"ש? גיל עוז? The applicant must be a low/medium sugar risk only.  Patients with a high sugar risk should continue to exercise in a heart rehab center
  • People requiring supervised activity following surgery or illness may be forbidden to perform physical activities due to:
    • Heart surgery, pace maker installation and stents
    • Strokes
    • Neurological illness (Parkinson or MS)
    • Stable Angina Pectoris
    • Auto-immune diseases
    • Vascular diseases
    • Chronic lung disease (COPD)
    • Orthopedic, bariatric or other types of surgery
  • Patients suffering from serious obesity for whom sport activity is an actual life saver
  • A society with high risk factors to such illnesses as:
    • High blood pressure
    • High blood cholesterol- dislipodemia 
    • Diabetes
    • Smokers


The Center is operated by professional and accredited personnel including:

Senior Physiologists- The physiologists in the program have a bachelor's degree in physiology + a Master's degree in physiology with about 10 years experience in heart rehabilitation.  The physiologist's function covers a wide range and includes many aspects such as:

  • Approval of the trainee to join the Center
  • Creating an exercise program according to criteria
  • To monitor relevant tests
  • Referral to dieticians when needed
  • To set up follow up meetings after a month of training and an additional meeting following three months and meeting with the trainee at least once a month
  • To perform a follow-up after training in the exercise room and monitoring the trainees file
  • Where there is no personal trainer, to be present in the exercise room to participate in observing the trainees
  • Monitoring and providing orthopedic/neurological solutions for specific trainees

Personal Trainers- Holding Bachelor's degree in physical training/a exercise room certificate  having a great deal of experience in personal training with special groups.  Their functions include:

  • Meeting the trainee 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the group
  • Taking initial tests prior to the start of the session
  • Helping the trainee implement his personal training program
  • Monitoring the necessary tests such as: pulse, blood pressure, sugar also during the course of the session and entering them in the trainees file
  • Leading group activities and exercises for aiding stability/abdominal strengthening, according to his/her decision
  • Concluding the session: checking pulse, blood pressure as needed as well as entering results in the trainee's file (responsibility for entries into the file will gradually be transferred to the trainee) 

Dietician- Twice a week a dietician visits the Health and Fitness Center to provide dietetic advice to the trainees according to their specific health condition and sports activities they are engaged in.  Every month he/she gives about 40 pieces of advice.

Secretary- Responsible for administrative functions which mainly are:

  • Registration into the Institute
  • Opening a trainee's file
  • Preparing an appropriate file for every group and the instructor
  • Coordinating consulting visits for the dietician and physiologist
  • Authorize transfer between groups in special cases

Professor Motro- Senior Cardiologist-  Visits on a volunteer basis and according to need to provide cardiology consulting to the trainees who are classified as complex patients.  This service is provided on Sunday afternoons.

Paramedics and senior Medics- It is imperative that a paramedic/senior medic is present at the Center.  The medical team serves as external supervision and performs control on complex patients.


The center has a gymnasium that is designed specifically for those trainees suffering from heart-lung diseases. After determining professionally their abilities a regimen is established.  In addition the center performs activities whose purpose is education, consultation and involvement in their behavior in order to change their life style and behavior connected with their health.  Also dietary advice is given.

Moreover the center provides complementary afternoon and evening exercises for those completing the morning sessions or those having passed certain physiological testing and who are deemed fitting but unable to attend morning sessions.  This service is provided by instructors but involves a payment of IS120.


The physiologist Ms Galia Bigomilski the head of the center should be contacted at telephone number073-2410041

or contact the office of the Association telephone number 03-5777000.  Alternatively you may visit the office of Ezra LeMarpe at Hida St. 24 Bnei Brak (second floor).