The Ezra LeMarpeh Association, founded by Rabbi A. E. Firer, provides assistance to the sick and needy.

Youth Dental Clinic

Youth Dental Clinic for large families and families on welfare

Some say that a toothache creates poverty. On the other hand there are those who say toothache is the result of poverty. Ezra LeMarpeh adopted both approaches, and set up a system that gives an appropriate professional response to solve this painful problem. In the best tradition of Ezra LeMarpeh, treatments are given free to all applicants meeting the admission criteria.

How do I get dental care for my children?

  1. Present a recommendation from the city welfare department to Ezra LeMarpeh, or
  2. Meet the large family requirements, as established by Ezra LeMarpeh.

Ezra LeMarpeh's Dental Clinic

A large wing of Ezra LeMarpeh’s main building has been equipped as a modern dental clinic. A large capital investment went into our pleasant and innovative dental clinic. The clinic was established in cooperation with the “Lotus” company owned by businessman Ilan Ben-Dov, who also made a personal donation to fund the clinics ongoing running costs.
There are three advanced dental chairs allocated to the treatment of children over the age of twelve, whose parents cannot afford the treatments. From theage of twelve, children are no longer entitled to free treatment under the health care law.
In addition, there are accessories, special plumbing, air conditioning, furniture and other devices required by the clinic, all designed to create a professional, yet warm and cozy atmosphere.

How  do I coordinate care?

Call the dental office of Ezra LeMarpeh  to obtain information and make a booking for treatments. The clinic can be reached by telephone at 03-5777018

 3 dental chairs

The service is available to boys and girls aged 12-18, adults and the elderly, who are referred by Welfare Services.
Market value of treatments provided: 2,266,000 per year
1,205 patients were treated in the past year
8,555 treatments in the past year

Treatment Distribution


Root canal






Complete and partial dentures


Prosthetic repair




Deep cleaning (quarter mouth)




First aid


Reconstruction front and back teeth


Sealing cracks


Plaque removal and training


Fluoride treatments