The Ezra LeMarpeh Association, founded by Rabbi A. E. Firer, provides assistance to the sick and needy.

Shuttle Ambulances Across Israel

Ezra LeMarpeh Association provides ambulance services to transport the sick, the disabled and those who cannot get to the treatments they need using regular transport.
This service is not a substitute for emergency ambulances, and is not intended for transporting people to emergency rooms.

In cases of emergency, call 101 (Magen-David-Adom) only!

The Association's ambulances are designed to make it easier for the patient and his family to arrive for medical treatment or for various events in which he/she has to (or wants to) attend. The guiding principle of the Association is to support the patient and his family, and to alleviate, in every way possible, the suffering, without compromising on the highest levels of professional service.
The service is open to all sectors of the public who need its help, free of charge!
This service has never been refused because of distance and the Association ambulances have traveled to almost every point in the country.



  1. Full details of the patient (name, ID number, telephone, origin and destination addresses).
  2. Each patient must have a helper, whose name and phone number is provided to the Association. It is also important to make sure that assistance is available to physically help the patient on to the ambulance.
  3. For transportation from the hospital after hospitalization or tests, contact the association only after receiving a signed release form from the hospital.
  4. Mobility equipment – The patient must ensure that he/she has the necessary equipment, such as a wheelchair or walker.

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Tens of thousands of patients each year are assisted by Ezra LeMarpeh ambulance service. Please consider the needs others and only ask for our service when it is really needed.

Ambulance services are provided across the country in the following cases:

  • Transporting patients for medical treatments which include: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, physiotherapy and visiting medical institutions and clinics. Transporting patients is performed for conventional medical treatments. For the most part, these trips are planned and carried out in accordance with our ambulance reservation center.
  • Transferring seriously ill patients and patients requiring respirators from one center to another, in order to be flown aboard for medical treatment and when patients return to Israel with a serious medical condition, which requires transfer by ambulance. This includes transfer services for premature babies in an incubator and transferring the elderly. In these cases, the ambulance is outfitted with all the required intensive care equipment and the accompanying staff include medical health professionals. These trips are not always planned in advance, necessitating an immediate response and the immediate deployment of an ambulance.
  • Transportation for family events, situations where the patient's physical limitations prevent him/her from participating in them. It also includes transportation for short trips, to uplift the patient with a change of surroundings. This service is subject to availability.



Ezra LeMarpeh's ambulance fleet is operated by drivers who are trained paramedics, who do everything possible for the patient’s wellbeing and for his/her family. Our drivers not only transport the patient to hospital, but also take care to talk with him, encourage him and support him in every way possible. Often, the patient has the same driver for each journey, so they create strong ties. It often happens that the driver decides to "take a detour" to medical treatment and will stop at the beach or anywhere else that can contribute to the wellbeing of the patient.

We at Ezra LeMarpeh Association believe that the patient's mental health is as important as his/her physical health, so the staff takes care to encourage him and support him in various ways. This is why many people choose our association help, even if they have no problem paying for a private ambulance.

Ezra LeMarpeh ambulances are fully equipped to ensure the transfer of the patient, safely and securely, to the destination. In cases where the patient's condition requires it, our staff will add special emergency equipment to the standard ambulance equipment.


To coordinate transportation by ambulance please contact the national call center:
Call 1599-51-51-61.
There is an automatic routing for areas of Jerusalem, the center, north and south.





brances :            


Ramat Gan, 


El'azar Wazner

61 - 51 - 51 - 1599
ext 2

6106666 - 03

Subs' 831
ask El'azar


El'azar Wazner

61 - 51 - 51 - 1599
ext 2

6106666 - 03

 Subs' 831
ask El'azar


Aharon Birtzweig

61 - 51 - 51 - 1599
ext 1

6106666 - 03

Subs' 987
ask Aharon



61 - 51 - 51 - 1599
ext 3

6106666 - 03

Subs' 25000
ask Shlomo