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During the last week of December 2015 Dr.Snodgrass of the United States arrived to perform a series of operations on a number of patients.

After a great deal of coordination a large number of complex and difficult cases of children's urological problems were defined and concentrated. Rabbi Firer and Mr. Fred Rosenfeld Managing Director of Dikla Insurance and Israeli children's urologists got together in order to coordinate the visit of this great expert, Dr. Snodgrass, in order to perform a large number of operations. Many doctors from all over Israel attended these operations and learned from the vast experience of Dr. Snodgrass and in addition to this benefit the main benefactors were the small children who were operated on by the world's foremost experts. Dr. Snodgrass didn't pass up this opportunity this time either and chose to conclude his visit with a dinner with Rabbi Firer at the offices of Ezra Lemarpeh.

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Visit of Dr. Young-Woo Kim Visit of Dr. Young-Woo Kim

The visit of Dr. Young-Woo Kim, MD, PhD. FRCS
Professor, Department of Cancer Control and Policy. Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy & Chief, Gastric Cancer Branch, Research Institute & Hospital,
National Cancer Center

323 Ilsan-ro, Ilsandonggu, Goyang, 10408, Korea
Following the visit of Dr Firer in South Korea which took place upon their personal invitation Dr. Firer also visited large medical centers and met with the heads of health services there. Dr. Kim arrived in Israel on a reciprocal visit and also arrived at the offices of our institution for a personal visit with Dr. Firer.
The visit was extremely fruitful and both participants learned a great deal and each learned much from the experience of the other.
Upon the return of Dr. Kim to Korea he sent a brief letter to Dr. Firer in which he expressed his personal impressions. The following is a copy of that letter:
Now I came back home well from fantastic journey to Israel.
It was so honor and pleasure to be invited and enjoyed dinner with you in your office.
I learned a lot from this visit in Israel. I am more and more feeling friendly and respectful to Israel people.
Especially I am deeply impressed by your activities.
I would love to contribute if I could do something for you. It will be my great honor and pleasure.
Attached please find a photo taken with you.
With Best Regards,


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Doctors from around the world visit Ezra Lemarphe Doctors from around the world visit Ezra Lemarphe

Doctors from around the world do not pass up the opportunity of visiting the offices of our organization when visiting Israel.

From: Dr. Jeremy Freeman

Sent: 29/10/2015

To: Rabbi Firer

Dear Rabbi Firer, It was an honor and a pleasure to meet with you last evening.
Please accept my thanks for your hospitality and for the discussion we had.
I am amazed by your encyclopedic knowledge regarding all phases of medicine and I especially enjoyed our discussion.
All the best,

Jeremy Freeman,
MD Professor of Head and Neck Surgery
University of Toronto,
Chairman of the Lotner/Dynkner Head and Neck Oncology Dept.


From: Dr. Saadi Ghatan
Sent: 29/10/2015
To: Rabbi Firer
Cc: Saadi Ghatan, Alhandrey Berstein (MSH)

Subject: Please forward to Rabbi Firer from Dr. Ghatan

Dear Rabbi Firer,

Thank you very much for you generosity and warm heartedness in entertaining me this evening.
It was a great pleasure for me to meet with you again in Israel and I hope to have the opportunity to reciprocate your hospitality when you arrive in New York.
Please feel free to call me on my cell phone whose number is 917 ********.
I will provide additional information on how to contact me.

All the best

Dr. Saadi Ghatan
Mount Sinai Hospital, Roosevelt Hospital and Saint Luke

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Finally a new branch on Yad Binyamin Finally a new branch on Yad Binyamin

On Tuesday 18 Cheshvan 5774 (10/20/2013 ) Equipment Lending Branch inaugurated at Yad Binyamin ,

Haeshel 10th Street .

The unveiling was done by Rabbi Firer , the founder of the organization and by the Mayor Mr. Eli Eskozido which worked hard to establish this branch .

The branch will be handled by Tikva Maymon a resident of Yad Binyamin.

This branch will help the needy by loaning different kinds of medical aids such as:

Hospital beds , patient lifting hoists , walkers , wheelchairs , oxygen tanks , appliances Analtzih ,

Digital Scales for babies, breast pumps , appliances Sitortzih and more.

Tikva Maymon manage the branch voluntarily along with many other volunteers from the area.

Gd's help , we hope that the service on the branch will help anyone in need and request.

Branch Phone : 08-8587713 , Fax: 08-6416174

;Office hours : Sunday - Thursday Hours: 11:00 to 12:00 16:00 to 18:00

Wishing everyone health !

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From Russia to Israel – Ambulance Service in Action

Rabbi Ovadia Isakov, a Chabad emissary in the Dagestan  region in Russia who was shot and seriously injured, landed on Thursday 25/7/2013 at 1:30 AM in Israel – and was hospitalized in the intensive care unit at the Beilinson Hospital in Petah-Tikva. According to the hospital, his condition is serious and his life is still in danger.

Rabbi Isakov, a Chabad emissary and the Rabbi of the city of Derbent in Russia, was returning on Thursday from a shcita (kosher slaughter) trip among Jewish communities of the Caucasus. At around 5:00 AM (local time) he returned home. A Muslim terrorist who was awaiting him, shot him – and seriously injured him.

The emissary was evacuated to a local hospital, where he was operated on after bullets had penetrated his chest. His condition continues to be serious and he is being artificially ventilated. 

The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, chaired by Rabbi Levy Leviev, chartered a medical plane and its services from the 'Med Assis – Medical Flights' company, that took off at 3:00 PM from Israel with a surgeon, a paramedic and an intensive care physician – directly to the city of Makhachkala, the capital of the Republic of Dagestan in Russia, on the border with Chechnya.

At around 6:30 PM the plane landed at a military airfield, and from there the medical team traveled by helicopter to the hospital in which the Rabbi was hospitalized and began to administer medical care. The plane took off with the Rabbi, and landed at 1:30 AM at Ben Gurion Airport.

Upon landing the Rabbi was transferred, by an ambulance of the 'Ezra Lemarpe' organization, with which the devoted driver of the organization, Shlomi Grossberger delivered him for the continuation of treatment to the Rabin Medical Center in Petah-Tikva.

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Electric treadmill at the rehabilitation pool Electric treadmill at the rehabilitation pool

  The profitable horseracing industry has challenged and recruited breeders and scientists to achieve the maximal potential for a horse competing in a horserace to achieve the best possible performance. The search for ways to improve the range of movements, strengthen the muscles and maximize the stability of the horse was the incentive to produce an electric treadmill that operates under water.

The wondrous quality that God has instilled in the ability of water to reduce the specific weight of a body in water to a minimum, was utilized in order to train horses to a level of ability that does not exist outside of the water.

Persistence in training, as was proven in studies, allows preservation of these acquired abilities when outside of the water, which makes the trained horse superior when compared to the other horses participating in the race, who were not trained on the new underwater machine.

After this treatment was shown to be beneficial for horses, it was also successfully used for the benefit of the "crown of creation" – people.

If controlled walking and running under water is helpful for horses, it will surely aid people who are in need of help to restore their walking, stability and increase the range of their limb movements – specialist doctors in the many fields of rehabilitation have said. And indeed, the results were surprising.

People who have become disabled after serious injuries or illnesses that affected their nervous system, muscles and skeletal system, have succeeded in performing activities in water that were thought to be impossible for them. The fact that the movement of running legs on the surface of the treadmill under the water is performed without them being required to “carry” the weight of the body, has made it possible to slowly and in a controlled manner increase the speed of the treadmill. This reduced effort has contributed greatly to the improvement of the cardiovascular endurance of those who undergo the training and the consistency in training in water has increased the extent of time that the patients have succeeded to work without breaks for artificial respiration or to take a breath.


In the tradition of “Ezra Lemarpe”, this new development has been incorporated into the professional rehabilitation process that it provides, as a part of its rehabilitation center and the organization’s hydrotherapy pool.

The fact that the pool floor can rise, allows for the raising of the floor, immersion of the electronic treadmill to the floor of the pool and lowering the floor to the desired water height in order to operate the treadmill in the most efficient way for the patient.


The advantage of the adjustable pool prevented the need to purchase a more expensive treadmill model, which includes an aquarium like addition that the treadmill is installed in and is filled with water after filtration and heating in an accompanying apparatus. The location of the treadmill in an existing pool saves the time of filling and emptying the water to immerse the patient and saves the costs of heating the water to the desired temperature for the treatment as well as the filtration and sterilization of the water with chlorine in preparation for the next user.

“The Claims Conference” was also a partner in this innovative project, as a part of the aid provided by them for the wellbeing of Holocaust survivors in Israel.  

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Diamond Exchange Awards Honorary Membership to Rabbi Firer Diamond Exchange Awards Honorary Membership to Rabbi Firer

As part of the International Diamond Week at the Israeli Diamond Exchange (IDE), an honorary membership was awarded to Ezra LeMarpe chairman Rabbi Elimelech Firer in a celebratory Passover reception, in recognition of his lifetime achievement.

Corporate social responsibility has always been a foundation stone of the IDE, and for the past year and a half it has been collaborating with Ezra LeMarpe towards improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. As part of this collaboration the IDE has raised 1.4 million NIS for maintaining the Ezra LeMarpe therapeutic swimming pool.
Speaking at the event, IDE President Yair Sahar said that “it has always been the custom at the IDE to appreciate and give recognition at Passover. This time we have chosen to recognize your work, Rabbi Elimelech Firer, the country's number one physician, who never attended medical school but founded the Ezra LeMarpe organization. He is the Israel Prize laureate for 2007, Honorary PhD recipient from Bar Ilan University, Weizmann Institute, and Haifa University, recipient of the Knesset Chairman's Award and the Presidential Volunteer Medal, and from these moments on, also an honorary member of the Israel Diamond Exchange.
“Rabbi Firer, this honorary membership is awarded to you due to our high respect for you and your work, because of your long-time friendship and willingness to lend a hand and give a word of advice. As you know from our long relationship, the IDE has always been a shining example for coexistence of secular Jews and religious Jews of all streams, everyone working tolerantly side by side. IDE members have always shown respect to other members and their beliefs, and live together with mutual respect.
I would like to mention that at the upcoming New Jewish Year, we will be bestowing the same honor upon Tel Aviv's Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau, for his long time work and collaboration with the IDE,” Sahar said.
A few more words were added by Tel Aviv Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau: “I am honored to bless you jointly as you confer an honorary membership to Rabbi Firer, for all his deeds, creations, and special personality.
“I am moved by being a party, only a few days before we celebrate Passover, to awarding this honorary membership to Rabbi Firer for his skill, his resourcefulness, his mind, and his heart. Rabbi Firer extricates people from the grasp of death and gives them life. I commend the IDE for choosing so wisely to award the Rabbi an honorary membership.”
Also in attendance were IDE President Yair Sahar, IDE Managing Director Moti Besser, Diamond Institute chairman Moti Ganz, Diamond Manufacturers Association President Bumi Traub, Diamond Controller at the Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Labor Shmuel Mordechai, and Tel Aviv Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau.

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The cornerstone laying ceremony for the Ezra Lemarpeh Center in Sderot The cornerstone laying ceremony for the Ezra Lemarpeh Center in Sderot

The cornerstone laying ceremony for the Ezra Lemarpeh Center in Sderot was conducted in the square adjacent to Sderot’s main sports hall. Participating in the event were Rabbi Elimelech Firer,  the Chairman of Ezra Lemarpeh, the Mayor Mr. David Buskila, the Minister Mr. David Dichter, the Deputy Health Minister Rabbi Litzman, the Attorney General Mr. Weinstein , the Chairman of the Friends of Ezra Lemarpeh, Mr. Yigal Ahuvi, dignitaries, donors and public figures

Following the opening greetings, the guests were offered a varied and delicious spread of food and enjoyed a special performance by singer Kobi Oz. After the performance was over, Rabbi Firer took the parchment that was signed by all of the dignitaries and laid it on the grass near the hall, and one by one everyone filled in the hole until it was completely covered up.

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Rabbi Firer: The phenomenon – and patient Meir Dagan Rabbi Firer: The phenomenon – and patient Meir Dagan

Rabbi Elimelech Firer, the Belz hassid who never received a formal medical education, started a whole new medical field. Carmel Luzzati met him to hear about the upcoming launch of a new medical rehabilitation center in Sderot – and also bumped into former Mossad Chief, Meir Dagan, who is recovering from his recent operation.

Carmel Luzzati, Channel 2 News
Thousands of people owe their lives to Rabbi Elimelech Firer. His day begins at the break of dawn and he doesn’t have a moment‘s rest. He goes through hundreds of applications from patients every day - at his Bnei Brak office, on the phone, and even on the road, he uses every spare moment to read patient medical histories.
He has never studied medicine, but many refer to him as the National Physician. Firer seems to do just fine without a formal education, as he determines what would be the best course of treatment for tens of thousands of patients, whom he then refers to the medical professionals most suitable for them. Not a day goes by without a visit to several hospitals, where he sees the patients he referred, and holds professional consultations with senior staff members.
"His mind is phenomenal. He can read CT’s, MRI’s, and pathology reports. He understands when a condition is serious, and knows exactly when to ask the right questions," says Ichilov Hospital Chief of Surgery Prof. Joseph Klausner. How does he know all this? He's been involved in medical matters for over 30 years, from 3am to 11pm. He answers questions from 200 to 250 patients daily. "That, times 30 years, he’s like a human Google," says one of his assistants.

"More than flesh and blood"

It all started quite by accident, 30 years ago. A friend asked Firer, only 24 years old at the time, to organize a global rescue operation for him. Having saved his friend's life, his success spread by word of mouth, and the applications haven’t stopped coming since.
When he decided to dedicate his life to helping others, he founded "Ezra Lemarpe", which provides patients with everything the National Health Service is unable to give. "We've never initiated anything that did not originate from the public," he says. "All our operations and services come from the heart, and are given with a great deal of care. Our sole motive is helping others. That is our motivation. This is my duty as a Jew and as a human being," the Rabbi stresses.
"I consider him a mentor. He’s more than flesh and blood. This man is so humble and so kind. The one thing he cares about is giving, simply giving to others," says Guy Rotem, 27, who suffered from a malignant growth in his leg, which the Rabbi diagnosed within half an hour.

Friend and Patient – former Mossad Chief Meir Dagan

Firer was among the first to hear from Meir Dagan about his illness. He accompanied him personally through it all, from the initial stages to the complicated liver transplant in Belarus. "When I see the Rabbi and my doctor, I'm perfectly fine," says Dagan. "The Rabbi is a man who will help anyone – from the highest to the lowest ranking people. Rabbi Firer is an institution. It may come as a surprise that a man who heads this type of an organization, and takes care of so many people, lives his own life in such simplicity and modesty. The Rabbi is constantly concerned with my progress, and helps me along with his good advice," Dagan praises the Rabbi.
Letters of gratitude and praise, as well as various honorary titles, cover the walls of the Rabbi’s office. As for the Rabbi himself, he is now fully focused on his next project: raising millions of shekels for a new medical rehabilitation center in Sderot.

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When Rabbi Shalom Shnitzler embarked on his journey to far-away Australia, no one foresaw the tragic end of his mission.

 A fatal heart attack caused cardiac arrest. The resuscitation efforts managed to restore his heartbeat and his breathing, but his brain was damaged.
Rabbi Firer, chairman of the organization, who was staying in Australia at that time (for the first time in his life!) took charge, and with the assistance of the dedicated benefactor, Rabbi Mordy Benedict, preparations for airlifting Rabbi Shnitzler to Israel began.
Although Ezra Lemarpeh is experienced in the airlifting of patients, this time the operation was complicated and difficult. None of the Australian airlines agreed to undertake such a complicated airlift and after great efforts, the services of Air Ambulance with professional personnel were hired in order to transport the patient to Bangkok. After about twenty hours of flying (including stopovers), the patient was transferred to an El Al plane in the care of the medical personnel recruited by the Luxemburg - Medical Airlifts company.
After a message was received, in the company’s command room, from Shlomo Grossberger, the organization’s ambulance driver and the man in charge of medical airlifts, that the patient was transferred to the emergency ward of the Sha'are Zedek hospital , the organization's activists could breathe a sigh of relief.
Regrettably, a few days after the arrival of the patient in Israel, he passed away.

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