The Ezra LeMarpeh Association, founded by Rabbi A. E. Firer, provides assistance to the sick and needy.

Doctors from around the world visit Ezra Lemarphe

Doctors from around the world visit Ezra Lemarphe

Doctors from around the world do not pass up the opportunity of visiting the offices of our organization when visiting Israel.

From: Dr. Jeremy Freeman

Sent: 29/10/2015

To: Rabbi Firer

Dear Rabbi Firer, It was an honor and a pleasure to meet with you last evening.
Please accept my thanks for your hospitality and for the discussion we had.
I am amazed by your encyclopedic knowledge regarding all phases of medicine and I especially enjoyed our discussion.
All the best,

Jeremy Freeman,
MD Professor of Head and Neck Surgery
University of Toronto,
Chairman of the Lotner/Dynkner Head and Neck Oncology Dept.


From: Dr. Saadi Ghatan
Sent: 29/10/2015
To: Rabbi Firer
Cc: Saadi Ghatan, Alhandrey Berstein (MSH)

Subject: Please forward to Rabbi Firer from Dr. Ghatan

Dear Rabbi Firer,

Thank you very much for you generosity and warm heartedness in entertaining me this evening.
It was a great pleasure for me to meet with you again in Israel and I hope to have the opportunity to reciprocate your hospitality when you arrive in New York.
Please feel free to call me on my cell phone whose number is 917 ********.
I will provide additional information on how to contact me.

All the best

Dr. Saadi Ghatan
Mount Sinai Hospital, Roosevelt Hospital and Saint Luke