The Ezra LeMarpeh Association, founded by Rabbi A. E. Firer, provides assistance to the sick and needy.

Electric treadmill at the rehabilitation pool

Electric treadmill at the rehabilitation pool

  The profitable horseracing industry has challenged and recruited breeders and scientists to achieve the maximal potential for a horse competing in a horserace to achieve the best possible performance. The search for ways to improve the range of movements, strengthen the muscles and maximize the stability of the horse was the incentive to produce an electric treadmill that operates under water.

The wondrous quality that God has instilled in the ability of water to reduce the specific weight of a body in water to a minimum, was utilized in order to train horses to a level of ability that does not exist outside of the water.

Persistence in training, as was proven in studies, allows preservation of these acquired abilities when outside of the water, which makes the trained horse superior when compared to the other horses participating in the race, who were not trained on the new underwater machine.

After this treatment was shown to be beneficial for horses, it was also successfully used for the benefit of the "crown of creation" – people.

If controlled walking and running under water is helpful for horses, it will surely aid people who are in need of help to restore their walking, stability and increase the range of their limb movements – specialist doctors in the many fields of rehabilitation have said. And indeed, the results were surprising.

People who have become disabled after serious injuries or illnesses that affected their nervous system, muscles and skeletal system, have succeeded in performing activities in water that were thought to be impossible for them. The fact that the movement of running legs on the surface of the treadmill under the water is performed without them being required to “carry” the weight of the body, has made it possible to slowly and in a controlled manner increase the speed of the treadmill. This reduced effort has contributed greatly to the improvement of the cardiovascular endurance of those who undergo the training and the consistency in training in water has increased the extent of time that the patients have succeeded to work without breaks for artificial respiration or to take a breath.


In the tradition of “Ezra Lemarpe”, this new development has been incorporated into the professional rehabilitation process that it provides, as a part of its rehabilitation center and the organization’s hydrotherapy pool.

The fact that the pool floor can rise, allows for the raising of the floor, immersion of the electronic treadmill to the floor of the pool and lowering the floor to the desired water height in order to operate the treadmill in the most efficient way for the patient.


The advantage of the adjustable pool prevented the need to purchase a more expensive treadmill model, which includes an aquarium like addition that the treadmill is installed in and is filled with water after filtration and heating in an accompanying apparatus. The location of the treadmill in an existing pool saves the time of filling and emptying the water to immerse the patient and saves the costs of heating the water to the desired temperature for the treatment as well as the filtration and sterilization of the water with chlorine in preparation for the next user.

“The Claims Conference” was also a partner in this innovative project, as a part of the aid provided by them for the wellbeing of Holocaust survivors in Israel.