The Ezra LeMarpeh Association, founded by Rabbi A. E. Firer, provides assistance to the sick and needy.

Children of life

Green Day
In Date 2012.01.16

Nadav is only 8 but knows everything there is to know about football. Nadav’s favorite team is Maccabi Haifa, and he never misses a match – even if he can only watch it on TV from home or from the hospital. The Ezra Lemarpeh “World of Wishes” project made his wish come true – meeting the players from his favorite team. 

Friends Volunteer
In Date 2012.01.14

A special and moving visit was held recently at the Dana-Ichilov hospital in Tel Aviv. The Friends of Ezra Lemarpeh group, headed by Mr. Yigal Ahuvi, visited the new pediatric oncology ward, and met the children and staff. The Friends group, accompanied by member actress Galit Gutman, visited the children’s rooms, gave out gifts and took pictures with them. Galit Gutman promised to make these visits a regular habit, and volunteer once a week with the children and their families.

Main Hanukkah Event
In Date 2011.12.07

Hanukkah is nearly here, and Ezra Lemarpeh is giving you the biggest events all around the country. The main Hanukkah event for children with cancer and their families will be held on Monday, December 19 2011 at Tel Aviv’s David Intercontinental hotel. An extra-special production will include a warm welcome at the entrance by Ezra Lemarpeh staff and huge puppets brought especially for the children.