The Ezra LeMarpeh Association, founded by Rabbi A. E. Firer, provides assistance to the sick and needy.

Children of life

Winter is approaching fast, but Ezra Lemarpeh decided to keep the summer going. In collaboration with Nestle Ice Creams, Ezra Lemarpeh is warming up your winter with a selection of the company’s ice creams and popsicles, delivered straight to the special refrigerators we’ve set up around the wards.

Summer of Smiles 2013
In Date 2013.05.02

"Summer of Smiles" will be our title for this summer, Ezra Lemarpeh is in its final preparations for the summer events, where we’ll do our best – god willing – to bring smiles to the faces of" sick children and their families. We at Ezra Lemarpeh are preparing a sea of ​​surprises, trips, special events, performances by leading artists and singers from Israel and abroad, a variety of attractions around the country, and more... Updates on this will be provided here, on the website, and in Children Oncology wards around the country.

Planting joy
In Date 2013.04.29

At the Children's Oncology Department at Tel Hashomer, an amazing and talented girl named Neta Aricha, only 12, was diagnosed with cancer. She began to undergo treatment and we are trying to make her time more pleasant. We decided to organize a campaign called the "T-shirt Smile" - a contest for creating a T-shirt that generates the most smiles. All her friends, including volunteers from Ezra Lemarpeh, bought T-shirts and printed them with ideas to make Netta and others smile... 

Grand Final at Nokia Hall
In Date 2013.03.28

Like every other year, Ezra LeMarpe staff are getting ready for the grand Finale of “The Voice”. Together with the show's production team, we are treating our children to a special experience guaranteed to put a smile on their faces. “The Voice” is a TV singing competition for new, unknown performers, ending with a grand Finale and one exhilarated winner. This year once again the Ezra LeMarpe children were given the chance to watch the Finals at Tel Aviv's Nokia Hall. They had front row seats and got their pictures taken with the artists. The collaboration between the show's producers and Ezra LeMarpe is yet another important component of our work for the sick children.

The Ezra LeMarpe children are invited to visit Jerusalem's Ice City on Tuesday April 2nd 2013 at 4 p.m. This is where you can see all the famous sites of the Far East, take a walk in the rain forests and through snowstorms, try out Water World and Dinosaur World, and have an amazing time at a temperature of minus 10 degrees Celsius... without even having to leave Israel.

Dream Vacation in Eilat 2013
In Date 2013.02.11

As part of Ezra Le’marpe’s “Children of Life” project headed by Rabbi Elimelech Firer, tens of children with cancer went on a dream vacation in Eilat, the children came together from all the hospitals in Israel for a one week vacation and a break from their trying treatments. The children stayed at the Fattal hotel chain's Magic Sunrise Hotel and enjoyed amazing hospitality! 

The pediatric oncology ward at Mayer-Rambam hospital looked especially festive as Ezra Lemarpeh observed the longtime tradition of a Hanukkah party for the children in the ward. Dozens of children crowded into the ward’s playroom, decorated in the spirit of the holiday, and ate the holiday’s delicacies. Ezra Lemarpeh volunteers brought the entertainment with them, in the form of clowns and comedians, while the music was left for the expert hands of Tal Kleiner, who had them all dancing to Hanukkah songs. 

The holiday of Hanukah is approaching, and the Ezra Lemarpeh organization is throwing big events, especially for you, throughout the country. The main Hanukah event, for children with cancer and their families, will be held on Sunday December 16, 2012, at the David Intercontinental Hotel in Tel Aviv.

Eden isn’t even 16, but has undergone a lot in the past year, when she was diagnosed with cancer a second time, and with a more severe case. But Eden is very brave and will fight till she triumphs. Eden is beloved not only by her family, but also by the medical team, who are astounded by her will to survive. Since she became ill, Eden has been visited by the volunteers of Ezra Lemarpeh, who provide any help and support they can. 

It’s Raining Smiles
In Date 2012.10.10

“It’s Raining Smiles” is our motto for the coming winter. The Ezra Lemarpeh organization is preparing for its winter activities, which will focus on bringing a smile to the faces of both children and families. This winter, Ezra Lemarpeh will keep the children warm with a hailstorm of surprises, trips, special events, concerts by leading performers from Israel and abroad, an abundance of attractions, activities throughout the country, and more. You can find out all about it on the website and in the pediatric oncology wards around the country.

A Wish for the New Year
In Date 2012.08.29

A wide grin spread across Moria’s face when she saw singer Liran Danino enter her room only weeks before the 15-year old girl had to go into transplant surgery at Haifa’s Rambam hospital. Through the “World of Wishes” project for children with cancer, we heard that Moriah likes the singer Liran Danino, and would be very happy to meet him. And so it was… We surprised her with a visit from the singer, who came especially for her. 

Bringing Dinosaurs Back to Life
In Date 2012.08.18

Ezra Lemarpeh invites its children to the Dinosaur Era exhibition. The exhibition, now in Israel after travelling through 20 countries around the world, features dozens of dinosaur models in an area of 4500 square meters. Visitors travel back 240 million years as they walk among the life-like models featured in the natural environment where they were discovered, and read all about the dinosaurs up to the time of their extinction 60 million years ago. 

Summer Holidays at Superland
In Date 2012.07.30

“A Summer of Smiles” is still on the road, and towards the close of the summer holiday, Ezra Lemarpeh, headed by Rabbi Firer invites its children and their families to an unforgettable evening at the Superland amusement park in Rishon Lezion. The fun begins on Sunday August 12, 2012 at 5pm, and the children can enjoy a wide variety of rides including the Ferris-Wheel, Bumper Cars, Airplanes, Cable-cars, Roller-Coasters, the Falls of Doom, the Grand Canyon, Swans on the Lake, The Congo, The Dream Boat, and more – and without wait in line at all! All you need to do is call and sign up. Registration is a must!!

A Smiling Event
In Date 2012.07.08

Sunday, July 8, 2012
A huge event for children with cancer and their families was held at the Ocean hall at Tel Aviv’s Ganei Hata’arucha. Hundreds of children filled the hall with their families for an extra-happy and thrilling evening produced by the Ezra Lemarpeh organization, headed by Rabbi Elimelech Firer. The big event launched the 2012 “Summer of Smiles” season. 

Get ready for the big event of the coming summer! Like in every year, Ezra Lemarpeh’s “Summer of Smiles” is kicking-off the summer with a huge event for children with cancer. Personal invitations are already in the mail for the children and families around the country, and registration has begun! Want to know where and when? Save the date.... 

The Big Summer Event
In Date 2012.06.06

Summer is approaching fast, and here at Ezra Lemarpeh we are completing the final touches to the events, trips, and attractions we are preparing for our children and their families. Like in every year, our “Summer of Smiles” will open with a huge colorful event to start the summer holidays. If you want to know what’s in store, you’ll have to wait patiently for just a little while longer – the full details will be available on this website. Till then – save the date: Monday, July 2, 2012. So… start smiling! For a reminder of our 2011 Summer Event, here is a clip and some photos.

Fun at Mini Israel
In Date 2012.05.01

The “Summer of Smiles” project for children with cancer and their families is giving you the chance for an outstanding experience at the Mini Israel Park located in Latrun, between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The park is planned in the shape of a Star of David, which can be seen both on the map and on the grounds, marked by a wide, reddish path, and is divided into six main areas: Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa, the South, the North, the Center, and a general model area.

Swiss Trip
In Date 2012.04.11

Dozens of young cancer patients and their families were airlifted to Arosa in Swizterland by Ezra Lemarpeh, who took care of the flights, hotel stays, medical staff, and access to all the attractions in the area. The children enjoyed a full week of unforgettable experiences in the snow-covered mountains – by ski and cable-car. The organization also provided special suitcases packed with surprises, snow-shoes, scarves, mittens, and plenty of candy...

Idan’s Visit
In Date 2012.03.22

Three months ago, 11-year old Yahav discovered he had cancer. Yahav was admitted to the pediatric oncology ward in Ichilov Hospital, and several weeks later was put into isolation and underwent transplant surgery, after which he was allowed to receive visitors to his hospital room. Yahav’s hobby is football, and the green decoration in his room at home testifies that his favorite team is Maccabi Haifa.

t is not everyday that the managers of Nokia arena at Yad Eliyahu get to host the Ezra Lemarpeh children. In a league game of the Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball team, it looks entirely different… while the players run on the parquet in order to gather more points, the pediatric patients are being hosted in the honoree box together with the volunteers of the organization.