The Ezra LeMarpeh Association, founded by Rabbi A. E. Firer, provides assistance to the sick and needy.


The Ezra Lemarpeh Organization was founded in 1979, with the goal of alleviating the suffering of the sick and their families who care for them, by offering a wide range of activities for their benefit. The motto that was etched on its flag was: "We Answer Every Call with Full Attention and Care."

The organization works quietly and modestly, away from the limelights, with hundreds of thousands of people who were helped serving as loyal witnesses to its contribution in helping them during their difficult time of illness.

The organization offers its services to anyone who needs them, from all sectors of the population, across the country. The hands of the hundreds of volunteers are full of work, day and night, as they try to fulfill the vital mission that they have shouldered.

All of the services are available to anyone and everyone, free of charge!

The Ezra Lemarpeh Organization is a non-profit institution, with regular bookkeeping as required by law, under the supervision of a certified accountant, Mr. Zelig Weizman.


The organization works in different fields for the benefit of the sick, including the following: