The Ezra LeMarpeh Association, founded by Rabbi A. E. Firer, provides assistance to the sick and needy.

About Us


Is one of the three pillars on which the world stands .
Ezra Lemarpe Is a graceful pearl in the Crown of  Kindness.

Here - love and warmth are offered to each and every person;

Here - everything is done to alleviate a person's suffering;

And here - they love to see a blissful smile and a spark of hope shining from their eye!

Hundreds of thousands of those who were helped are faithful witnesses to that which is being done away from the limelight.
At Ezra Lemarpe We make no difference between religious and secular, Jew and non-Jew; Our aim and goal is one and only:To heal broken hearts.

Every possible "Ezra" (help) "Lemarpe" (to speed up recovery) Is offered at Ezra Lemarpe